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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Leverage your brand with Internet domain names

You should consider taking aggressive steps to secure Internet domain names ("URL's" or web addresses) that fit your brand even as you pursue trademark protection.  It's easy to shop for available URL's by using, for example, This website catalogs who is asserting ownership to any URL that you search, and it helps you to obtain the URL for yourself if it is not in use.

The primary target of your URL acquisition campaign should be URL formulations of your business name, your product name(s) and your tagline(s). You should also consider common misspellings, and you should check the websites of close variations that are in use to determine whether they are infringing on your trademark rights, or indeed, whether you may be infringing on theirs.  When you obtain a URL, the simplest use you can make of it is to point the URL toward your main website, a task you can easily accomplish yourself without the intervention of your IT consultant. You can embellish your use of the URL by creating special pages tailored to persons who are likely to seek out the URL.

Remember to keep your trademark lawyer informed of the steps you have taken to secure relevant domain names.

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